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UNYA Germany is open for membership to “groups of young people in Germany committed to the United Nations”, which entails both university and school groups, regardless of whether they are registered or informal organisations. Twenty-five of these UN Youth Groups have joined the Association so far. The majority of organisations were originally founded with the main purpose of continually sending delegations to international Model UN conferences or hosting Model UN conferences within Germany. Most of the conferences hosted by the UNYA’s member organisations are held in English language. Five of them are school conferences, of which three are held in German language.

Moving beyond Model UN, the majority of member organisations has begun to engage in other UN youth-related projects in recent years and a small number of member organisations has never been involved in Model UN at all. The projects entail organising UN lecture series, hosting UN exhibitions, engaging in UN campaigns, coordinating UN school projects, conducting UN research projects, organising study trips to the UN, hosting tour stops on the National Tour of the German UN Youth Delegates and the like. Both schools and universities are targeted with these projects.

The main directions of study among the members of the university groups are Law and Political Science. The numbers of individual members of UNYA Germany’s member organisations differ greatly. It can be said however that the number of members actively conducting projects is generally not larger than twenty. In all, the number of young people reached by the projects in Germany each year amounts to several thousands.

The member organisations of the UNYA come from all over Germany:

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