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Working group “Public Relations”

Working group “Public Relations”

The working group “Public Relations” aims at promoting the projects, activities and events of UNYA Germany among its members and the public in general. Priorities are maintaining and updating the website,  providing information material about UNYA Germany and the UN in general as well as organizing panel discussions.

Current Projects

Every Friday, the Public Relations Team presents a new short interview. Different figures from the UN-scene are confronted with three brief questions from which the last one has to be answered with a picture. The questions are:

  1. I you where Secretary General of the UN, your first action would be…?
  2. This topic should be of special priority for the UN during the next years:
  3. This is how you see the United Nations: (Photo-answer)

The latest interviews can be found here: Interviews

Purpose of the project is to strenghten the exchange between the member-groups and to get to know each other.


Keep in touch with JUNON

The e-mail distribution list keeps every interested person up to date with news from the network. Every member-group is given the opportunity to spread their information and event-announcement. The traffic is supervised by the Public Relations team in order to facilitate news and avoid spam. If you are interested, you can sing up here: Distribution List


Connected to the distribution list, JUNON offers an pool of experts in different areas (like chairing, conference-management or scientific support and many more). If you feel like you can offer something to the network and are willing to provide support, you can sing up together with the distribution list: Expert-Pool

Facebook Fanpage

Of course, JUNON can be found on Facebook. The supervision of the Fanpage is also part of the activites of the Public Relations team. We keep you up to date with news and facts concerning as well UN- as MUN-related topics: Facebook-Fanpage



Responsible for the Public Relations is Christian Kurtz.

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