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UNYA Germany is a funding member of the United Nations Youth Associations Network (UNYANET) that was established 2011 in Vienna.


What is UNYANET?

The United Nations Youth Associations Network (UNYANET) is an international  network for national UN Youth and Student Associations worldwide. The network was founded in August 2011 at the United Nations Office in Vienna. In general, UNYANET has the aim to enhance the network and its members by facilitating the exchange of knowledge, resources and experience and the development of a common identy among member associations. This shall be achieved by regular meetings of the member assocations as well as different projects and workshops carried out by working groups. Furthermore, UNYANET provides assistance for young people who are interested in setting up a UNYA in their country.


UNYANET Gründung

Foundation meeting in Vienna

At the moment (as of February 2014), UNYANET has 14 member associations and 2 observers, with altogether approximately 20,000 individual members. A recent list is available from


The current Presidents (as of February 2014) are Michael Klampfl (Austria) and Tjalke Weber (Germany).


  • Foundation meeting (4-8 August 2011) in Vienna, Austria
  • Media Workshop 2011 in Zurich and Basel, Switzerland
  • General Assembly 2012 in Izmir, Turkey
  • General Assembly 2013 in Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • General Assembly 2014 in Rome, Italy


At the annual General Assembly, the member associations decide about the projects to be carried out in the upcoming year. A recent list can be found at


Are you interested in getting involved with UNYANET? Please contact Tjalke via email.


More informationen is available from the UNYANET website.

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