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Working group “International Relations”

Aim and Background of the Working Group International Relations

JUNON has been a member of WFUNA-Youth, the head-organization of all UN Youth Associations (UNYAs) worldwide, untill spring of 2010. The purpose of WFUNA-Youth was to advacate cooperation between UNYAs as well as the realization of capacity building projects in different countries.

By decidion of the WFUNA plenary, WFUNA-Youth was dissolved in April 2010. After this, no platform for international exchange between international UNYAs existed. Due to this, JUNON decided to create the Working Group International Relations which is aimed to advocate bilateral projects with UNYAs worldwide. Aim of this mission is to strenghten the success achieved by WFUNA-Youth and continue the international exchange.

The primary aims of the Working Group are:

  • To support UNYAs internatinally: Assist different groups in conducting their projects more effective.
  • Mutual learning: Exchange of knowledge and experience between JUNON and other UNYAs

What has been done to achieve these aims?

Within the last years, different cooperations between JUNON and other UNYAs took place.

  • In October 2010 a project-management workshop was conducted in Sofia in cooperation with UNYAs from Bulgaria and Switzerland.
  • In August 2011 the International Relations team took part in the international UNYA conference in Vienna.
  • In 2012 the Working Group supported the plannig and accomplishment of the first Lithuanian MUN conference in Vilnius (LTMUN).


Responsible for the Working Groups is Ole Oberste Berghaus

[email protected]

Ole Oberste Berghaus, 25, is studying at the University of Lund, Sweden. There he is doing his masters degree in “Environmental and Sustainability Science”.  In the past he took part in different MUN conferences in Germany and the United States and also gave scientific support. Next to his Bachelor degree at the University of Bayreuth, he implemented the UN society there.


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